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Staten Island Yankees vs. Tri-City ValleyCats, Troy, New York - July 22, 2004

These pictures were taken with my Olympus C730 Ultra Zoom digital camera at a New York-Penn League game between the Staten Island Yankees and Tri-City ValleyCats at Joe Bruno Stadium in Troy, New York, on July 22, 2004.

Most images are shown at a resolution of 640x480, but are available in their full 2048x1536 size by clicking on the links after the captions.

Exchanging the lineup cards. [2048x1536]

Staten Island's Justin Christian leads off. [2048x1536]

'Cats starting picther Raymar Diaz. [2048x1536]

Christian touches the plate following his leadoff home run. [2048x1536]

Grant Plumley hits a foul ball. [2048x1536]

SI manager Tommy John. [2048x1536]


Devi Mendez. [2048x1536]


Time for the water balloon toss. [2048x1536]

Scott Rich. [2048x1536]

Estee Harris. [2048x1536]

The "Rotten candy! Sugar in a bag!" guy. [2048x1536]

Kevin Vital leads off third. [2048x1536]


Southpaw's base race. [2048x1536]

Southpaw upset that the field ump knocked him down during his race. [2048x1536]

Ben Zobrist, I believe grounding into a double play in the third. [2048x1536]

Vital batting in the fourth. [2048x1536]

'Cats pitching coach Bill Ballou (I think) heading out to make a change. [2048x1536]

Diaz is done in 4 2/3. [2048x1536]

The frozen t-shirt competition. [2048x1536]

Tommy John joins a Yankee conference on the mound. [2048x1536]

Yankee reliever Shaun Parker. [2048x1536]






ValleyCats rally - home run by Mario Garza in the 8th. [2048x1536]

Garza. [2048x1536]

And then one by Vital to tie it at 4, still in the 8th. [2048x1536]

Vital. [2048x1536]

Southpaw has free stuff. [2048x1536]






Many many pictures of Southpaw. [2048x1536]

I believe this is manager Gregg Langbehm. [2048x1536]

Edwar Gonzalez pinch hitting for the Yankees in the 9th. [2048x1536]

Still quite a few people around as we head to the bottom of the 9th tied at 4. [2048x1536]

Dominating Yankee reliever Eric Abreu. [2048x1536]

Abreu strikes out Francisco Caraballo. Abreu struck out 8 in his 4 innings of relief. [2048x1536]


Jonny Ash. [2048x1536]


SI pitching coach and former Yankee Dave Eiland out for a visit. [2048x1536]

Eiland back to the dugout. [2048x1536]


Caraballo with a chance to win it in the 12th. Bases loaded and one out. [2048x1536]

But he strikes out. [2048x1536]

Followed by a Vital groundout. On to the 13th. [2048x1536]

Pinch hitter Cody Ehlers in the 13th. [2048x1536]


Devi Mendez. [2048x1536]

His RBI single gives the Yankees the lead. [2048x1536]

Tommy John coaching third. [2048x1536]



Discussing the situation with pitcher Chad Reineke. [2048x1536]


Reineke comes in after giving up 2 in the 13th. [2048x1536]

Tommy John gives his defensive changes to the umpire. [2048x1536]

This could be a ValleyCat or just might be the batboy. [2048x1536]

Michael Martinez on to close it for SI. [2048x1536]


'Cats rallying in the 13th. [2048x1536]

This group isn't giving up. [2048x1536]

Pinch hitter Hunter Pence. [2048x1536]

Drew Sutton with the bases loaded. [2048x1536]

But it's a double play... Run scores, but two outs and the tying run on third. [2048x1536]

For Jonny Ash. [2048x1536]

Southpaw working overtime, trying to rally. [2048x1536]

But a strikeout ends it. [2048x1536]

Yankees win. [2048x1536]



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