Mapping of Pictures

This page is an experiment using the Google Maps API to plot my picture sets on a clickable map. The implementation uses a short Javascript program (feel free to view the source) to parse an XML file which specifies the locations, URLs, and descriptions of each picture set. To plot picture sets on the map, scroll below the map and select the pictures you'd like to plot then click the "Redraw Map" button. Once markers are plotted, view the pictures at a given location by clicking on the marker on the map, then on a link in the window that appears. A page of pictures will open in a new tab or window. You can pan, zoom, and do all those things you're used to doing on in Google Maps. Version 3 of the Google Maps API seems much better suited to handle large numbers of items, so feel free to select a lot of options at once.

Select below to set your filters for which markers to display, then click "Redraw Map". Note that all sets will be plotted if no filters are selected!

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Copyright notice: All images are copyright © James D. Teresco unless otherwise specified. Unauthorized use is prohibited. See Google Maps API for more information about custom maps.