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Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan - October 7, 2006

The game - ALDS Game 4 between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers.

Jeremy Bonderman set to deliver to Johnny Damon. [Closer]

Derek Jeter. [Closer]

Bobby Abreu. [Closer]

Jaret Wright ready to go for the bottom of the first. [Closer]

Robinson Cano at second, Jaret Wright on the mound. [Closer]

Gary Sheffield batting, Sean Casey playing first. [Closer]

Matsui up next. [Closer]


Cano. [Closer]

Melky Cabrera's postseason debut. [Closer]

Our friendly neighbors who were very excited to meet Yankee fans. [1744x1308]

Wright didn't last - bringing on Cory Lidle. [Closer]

Curtis Granderson. [Closer]

Magglio Ordonez. [Closer]

We're deep into the bullpen now - Brian Bruney is on. [Closer]


The Tigers keep scoring - the orange towels keep waving. [1744x1308]

Next out of the pen - Scott Proctor. [Closer]


Paws the mascot, shooting t-shirts into the seats. [Closer]

Seventh inning stretch time. [1744x1308]


The Yankees finally start to threaten in the 8th. [Closer]

Kyle Farnsworth out to keep the game from getting any more out of hand. [Closer]





Game over. Tigers win the game 8-3, and the series 3-1. [1744x1308]




The party is on, and we can head out and get away before the party spills outside. [Closer]
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